Our easy to use virtual tour software and CMS platform allows you to build and manage dynamic, map based interactive virtual tours of any localized geographical area whilst uniquely generating you and ongoing revenue stream. You can add panoramic photographs, video, still photos and/or 360 degree QuickTime (QTVR) movies or Flash immersive photography pinpointed on an interactive map, floor plan, street map or Google Maps.

Our unique 360 Virtual Tour software provides you with an opportunity to market any geographic or localised location and generate money for your company or organisation or municipaily while helping to stimulate local economic growth. Visitors can be called to action when they enter your tour and int- eract and view business descriptions, supporting photos and files, visit associated web-links and share your virtual tours with their colleagues and friends or on Facebook and twitter. Visitors can even connect with each your virtual tour ‘Hotspots’ (businesses) via IM (Instant Messaging) through MSN or Skype or ask questions or leave comments with a built-in forum. Virtual Reality Tours created with VR2020’s unique easy to use virtual tour software can be used and published on any website

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Video Based Virtual Tours

With the expansion of video on the internet, video-based virtual tours are growing in popularity. Video cameras are used to pan and walk-through subject properties. The benefit of this method is that the point of view is constantly changing throughout a pan. However, capturing high-quality video requires significantly more technical skill and equipment than taking digital still pictures. Video also eliminates viewer control of the tour. Therefore the tour is the same for all viewers and subject matter is chosen by the videographer. Editing digital video requires proficiency with video editing software and has higher computer hardware requirements. Also, displaying video over the internet requires more bandwidth. Due to these difficulties, the task of creating video-based tours is often left to professionals.

Web Based Virtual Tours

For most business purposes, a virtual tour must be accessible from everywhere. The major solution is a web-based virtual tour. In addition, a rich and useful virtual tour is not just a series of panoramic pictures. A better experience can be obtained by viewing a variety of materials such as that obtained from videos, texts, and still pictures in an interactive web content. There are many ways to gather data in a mixed web content, such as using rich content builders (Java applet or Adobe Flash being two examples) or a Web content management system.

Thanks in part to the recent explosion of many Internet devices, such as Apple’s iPad, iPhone and other tablet computing platforms powered entirely by Google’s Android 3 operating systems such as Motorola’s Xoom, it can be predicted that consumption of virtual tour content, through the use of Adobe Flash and HTML5/CSS3 driven virtual tours will only increase over time.

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