Those who don’t have a job need to either move or search harder

we all need a better form of welfare. Really, any program in which the government provides money or services to citizens who are in need is a welfare program. I know that isn’t easy but if you just put your mind to it then it will happen!

Stop bouncing from house to house! Get a job. Welfare won’t support you forever. if we get a president who says no to welfare, what will you do? Go live with your mom?

Do you really think she wants to have to shelter you and your family? Do you really like walking around saying when some one asks you, so what do you do for a living? oh I’m a welfare junkie! It’s not right to take other people’s money! It’s just like stealing!

i’m 17, and will be 18 in December. Can i receive welfare so i can get a car, so i can get a job and start my life. my mom can’t help me at all. anon519

get a job, stay in the country where you belong, and don’t screw stuff up in our country. why should our taxes pay for you people because you have kids you can’t afford? miyaka

i’m a 19 year old college student. me and my boyfriend are looking to find help in paying for school and our place and car. we need help. the money he gets every other week isn’t cutting it. we have no children. is there any way we could get on welfare for the time we have left in college? need help. anon508

I am 28 years old, living at home with my dad. He’s 65 with liver disease and i take care of him, and have no income. do i qualify? anon505

i am a 24 year old iraq war veteran. when i came home my wife filed for divorce and took me to court for child support. i pay a week for 1 child and bcd, no maintenance or alimony. after paying that i am left with around $100 a week to live off from. and i work a 40 hour week as an electrician. does this qualify me for public assistance, being my gross income is still above the requirement? anon504

Hello, Can you get welfare if you’re a 17 year old mother?

I’m 18 with a six-week-old son. I’m not working because I’m trying to finish school. Well my boyfriend and his family are illegal and I live with them. Can I get on welfare? anon49763 yesterday

Get a job and wear a condom. If you’re 16 years old and have kids, as well as looking for a welfare check. I can already see that you are the type of person that is going to live off government checks for the rest of your lives. And stop having kids if you can’t afford them. taylor2009 yesterday

I have a son who is almost 1 years old. Me and his father are still together. We’re living with just his mom at the momment. anon492

If you are able to work, then find a job

I’m 21 years old, I go to college and am currently married. My husband can’t find a job and his unemployment is too high for us to receive any sort of help. I work a part-time job at minimum wage and we’re just squeaking by with what we have. How can I qualify? anon490

i’m 19, and my parents are leaving to go to mexico and they don’t know when they are going to come back. i’m going to college. i do have a job but i don’t work every day — i just work like one time each two weeks. i don’t have anywhere to stay and i don’t get paid that much money to afford a place so i am trying to find a friend whom i can stay with but it doesn’t seem to be working because nobody will let me stay with them so i am asking the state for help. anon487