[SourceRGANI, F. 52, Op. step one, D. 512, ll. 2-5. Translated because of the Svetlana Savranskaya. Available on

For example an important individual because the direct of your Soviet authorities may be the earliest to check out the prime Minister of such a tiny nation as the Cuba

After that F. Castro mentioned that and additionally complaint of United states regulators to have the complicity regarding restoration out-of German militarism he would fret new merely character of one’s Soviet proposals toward Italian language question while the matter-of Berlin, as well as have choose the fresh new removal of most of the foreign bases for the international region. F. Castro went on, within my message I intend to and additionally point out that army basics with the foreign territory not just establish a risk so you’re able to peace, however they are and additionally impermissible disturbance throughout the interior points of those places, inasmuch since presence of such angles alone limitations their sovereignty.

During further talk F. Castro shown an aspire to chat in the General Set up immediately after N. S. Khrushchev so you can secure the main proposals of your message of your direct of your Soviet government which have higher capabilities.

Then F. Castro said that during their stay-in New york he intended to establish contact with new heads of the governing bodies away from most other nations, and particularly to your representatives of the places away from Africa.

[not copied: verses regarding limitations toward moves out of Castro within teen hookups the The new York; coming anti-American facts of Cuban government; Dominican-Cuban relations as well as the unproductive rules from Trujillo]

To close out F. Castro expected myself once more to pass their appreciation so you’re able to Letter. S. Khrushchev to the support. F. Castro said further, I will be accompanied regarding trip to the fresh Us Standard System by the Nunez Jimenez. The guy actually intentions to invest 10-a dozen days within the New york, no matter what as he will be given a chance to speak. Immediately after their deviation this new Cuban delegation will be on course because of the Minister out of Foreign Items Raul Roa.

Fidel Castro said he was very happy to hear that Letter.S. Khrushchev would come for a visit, despite all obstacles. This is very important for the Cubans and for public opinion as a whole.

Letter.S. Khrushchev replied that he has been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, and it is a great pleasure to meet with Fidel Castro. “The powers do not treat us very well,” N.S. Khrushchev continued, “but this should not trouble us. We are cheerful and inspired when our enemies are raging in anger. The American government’s attitude is a manifestation of their powerlessness. They do stupid things and all sensible people condemn their behavior.”

S. Khrushchev’s speech throughout the standard and complete disarmament at the history Standard Set up training, and just have our report regarding Committee off 10 Nations into the Geneva

2nd, Letter.S. Khrushchev asserted that he’d want to utilize this opportunity to display their strong esteem for Fidel Castro really and you will as a result of your on brave Cuban somebody overall.

F. Castro noted that the poorest people in New York are the Hispanics and Blacks. Despite the anti-Cuban, anti-revolutionary propaganda in TV, film, and print media in the United States, they understand the truth and are sympathetic to the revolution in Cuba. The Hispanics enthusiastically greeted the Cuban delegation at the airport. The US authorities tried to deceive them, claiming that the plane with the delegation would land at another airport.

N.S. Khrushchev said all Latin Americans understand that Cuba’s new government is doing everything for the people. He noted further that [Adlai E.] Stevenson said in a recent article that the State Department should protect America from Communism, but the communists are already in New York, so [the State Department] has to put up defenses in Manhattan.