The popularity of mobile applications has risen tremendously. With the proliferation of high speed networks, smart phones and coupled with the fact that information needs to be available on the go, it has become very essential for software companies to have a mobile version of the application to complete their product offering. In addition users always seek to make their lives simpler by accessing applications for information, utility, entertainment, etc.

The need to mobilize access to the existing or new applications spans across all domains and industries. However the mobile market space is fragmented not only with a number of competing mobile device vendors, but also with each vendor having different platforms at the same time. It is a challenge to select one or more mobile platforms that a software/content publisher would like their mobile application to run on. Today, we have platforms ranging from Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile, Google Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and many others.Both the organizations and the consumers want to leverage their mobile devices to the optimum and for this SAN Informatics has developed a host of applications across platforms catering to these requirements. To view our diversified expertise, please visit our Mobile Applications portfolio.

SAN Informatics has developed secure and scalable applications both for consumers and enterprises across diverse platforms like iPhone,BlackBerry , Windows Mobile, Android and J2ME, among others. In addition, SAN Informatics also offers a complete Mobile Application development Lifecycle to help you design, develop, test and deliver your mobile application to your target audience.In some situations, our teams have helped our clients port their existing applications on different platforms, retaining or enhancing the key functionality and usability and features.While in other scenarios our teams have developed applications focusing on empowering users with the different applications in Utility, Reference, Financial, etc.

Our Capabilities Include
  • Complete mobile application development lifecycle from understanding the requirements to delivering a complete application, including registering it with the relevant Applications Store
  • Multi-platform development or porting including J2ME, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Palm and Brew.
  • Comprehensive testing of multi-platform mobile application by taking into consideration multiple mobile networks, carriers and devices.
Some of Our Success Stories Include
  • A Commodity Trading application on Windows Mobile that allows an investor to trade in commodities
  • A Restaurant Coupon iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Web application, using which restaurants can create promotion coupons and consumers can search, receive and utilize offers from participating restaurants.
  • An Audit Manager application on Windows Mobile that allowed a large industrial company to track and manage their physical assets.
  • A Real Estate iPhone Application that provides a great user experience for researching on Real Estate deals in a locality of their choice.

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