SAN Informatics offers web marketing services that address every aspect of internet marketing and deliver a high return on investment. All of our ecommerce marketing tactics have one aim – to bring your website quality traffic: traffic that will convert to profitable transactions. Whether you’re selling a product, offering a service, or signing visitors up for a newsletter, we know how to maximize the effectiveness of your online marketing activities. Our marketing department expertly creates web-marketing campaigns customized for your individual needs, and utilize the most suitable mix of our internet marketing services.

These include:

Online Marketing Strategy

SAN Informatics offers comprehensive programs to boost your online business and develop a tailored internet marketing strategy that works best for you. In a fast-paced, ever-changing online retail world, there is no single set of rules that apply to all eMarketing needs. We know your goal is to stand out from every other web design firm and maximize sales, and therefore our goal is to analyze and understand what makes your online store unique, and then put together the best strategy to help you gain more visibility and attract the right shoppers.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO – making sure your website is easily accessible by search engines and includes the right content and keywords to rank well in the organic results of Google, Yahoo, MSN, and others. SAN Informatics expertise includes making sure your site and pages have the right elements to be spidered properly by search engines; creating original web content – such as landing page copy, articles, newsletters, blog content, and more – that will improve your search engine placement and sell your products and services; and assisting in generating relevant high-quality incoming links that will help you gain visibility across the web.

Local Search Optimization

Local Search is a free database of physical addresses and phone numbers that integrates with Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines’ maps in order to complement the regular organic search results on localized search queries. Our Local Search SEOteam members are experts at getting your business featured in local results.

Google Product Search

SAN Informatics can optimize your feed for Google Product Search, a submission-only shopping search engine whose results are separate and distinct from Google’s main web search.

Google Product Search can help you market online in two ways:

  1. produce conversions through people searching specifically for products
  2. feature your products prominently in the organic results of Google’s web results (Google often shows the top 3 shopping results on the main results page).
Amazon Feed

Selling your products via Amazon is a great way to increase sales and attract new customers who might not find out about your store otherwise — and who can become repeat customers afterwards. SAN Informatics can help you create and optimize your Amazon feed to increase your presence in Amazon listings.

Pay-per-click Management

we create and manage effective PPC ad campaigns through our Referral Tracker software, which generates immediate returns at a controlled cost.

Email Marketing

We design and manage effective custom email campaigns, personalized content, newsletters, or promotional announcements – to your existing or potential customers at a minimal per-customer cost. We will analyze the results for you after each mailing and recommend ways to further improve your mailing list effectiveness. As an authorized partner of BlueHornet, Cooler Email, Cheetah Mail and Constant Contact, we’ll select the perfect system for your campaign’s individual needs.

Affiliate Marketing

Utilizing popular and successful affiliate networks such as Commission Junction, LinkShare and Shareasale, our specialists recruit the best affiliates to feed your site traffic and build long-term online sales.

Online Media Buying

SAN Informatics offers consultation and management for all types of advertising models. We have the experience, connections, and know-how to help you achieve an excellent ROI for your online media purchases.


Whether you’re trying to manage a pay-per-click campaign, SEO, or boost your online sales overall, obtaining and analyzing the visitor statistics for your site is essential. Tracking a visitor’s path to your site and through it helps you understand why they come, what they are looking for on the web regarding e commerce, and how they move onto the shopping cart or other decision pages. When you understand your customer’s behavior on your site, you can make changes to improve your conversion rate. At SAN Informatics, our marketing solutions use a combination of Google Analytics and ClickTracks, web tracking programs that are best known for their easy-to-use visual interfaces.

Content Development

Part of your online marketing strategy revolves around content – for both user experience and SEO: product descriptions, blog posts and articles, press releases, promotional pages, newsletters, and more. SAN Informatics has experienced copywriters who can compose engaging targeted content that will help attract users and appear higher in search engine results.