e-Commerce Development

 SAN Informatics offers fully functional and featured professional ecommerce solutions, SGD Networks ecommerce package provide you the full control through your web browser which allows you to maintain each and every aspect of your online shopping store. E-commerce features includes secure transactions with SSL, visitor statistics, customer Accounts, invoice details, customer payment details, allowing special offers and more…With over 4 years of experience in developing E-Commerce solutions in India and shopping carts, We have taken efforts and care to include a variety of features to come up with online business solution in India that helps our clients realize their potential business in online.

E-commerce website design and development will allow you for your website with dynamic functionality enabling quick, easy and smooth transactions combined with an effective and good design look and feel that is safe and secure purchasing and successful online business.

E-commerce website is a database driven shopping cart system with multi and unlimited level of products are managed through effective online catalogue with ease and user friendly. This enables you to update your website with easy to use from control panel. Adding, editing and deleting products, managing product images and enable secure ordering.

E-commerce Portal Features

The Front End Architecture (Catalog)

  • Product catalog based on Manufactures
  • Product catalog based on Categories
  • Product Search facility
  • Advanced Product Search facility
  • Reviews on Products & their ratings
  • Product of the Month
  • Hot Products
  • Products on Sale
  • User Account creation
  • Shopping cart status

Customer Functionality

  • Customer accounts
  • Customer address books
  • Order history
  • Temporary and permanent shopping carts
  • E-mail notifications
  • Product reviews by customers
  • Number of products in each group is shown
  • Search catalog for products/manufacturers/price range

Administrative Functionality

  • Categories-to-categories structure
  • Statistics for products and customers
  • Manage Orders
  • Dynamic product attributes
  • Tax zones, classes, and rates
  • Add/Edit/Remove categories, products, manufacturers, customers, and reviews
How To Get Ecommerce Development

We are happy to inform you that we design and develop customer ecommerce portal development for your success business in online. SAN Informatics technical team is one of the most highly skilled in the ecommerce web design business. SGD Networks is the preferred ecommerce web design company for over businesses of all sizes worldwide. Please send an email to info@saninformatics.com requesting proposal for Ecommerce website development.